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The Vermillion Rotary Club with Mercy Hobbs presiding met for our weekly lunch Tuesday at the Neuharth Center. Our guests today were Jennifer Williams, Kimberly Beza, Brent Yager, and John Prescott. For those considering volunteering to help with the annual bicycle helmets for little tykes enterprise headed up by our own (Dr.) Chuck Yelverton the big day is April 29 and volunteers are needed at both 9:30 a.m. and 2 p.m. that day. Today's program was presented by Dr. Josette Lindahl, who currently holds a position at the USD Medical School as well as at the Human Services Center in Yankton. She has done extensive research and clinical work focusing on schizophrenia and today we got a short but intense introduction to this topic. Schizophrenia affects approximately 1 percent of the population so it is really quite a common disease. Though it can be extremely debilitating, there are effective treatments for many of its symptoms and many schizophrenics can do excellent work in demanding jobs. John Nash, the famous mathematician portrayed in the movie A Beautiful Mind, is indeed, schizophrenic, though there is little to recommend schizophrenia as a path to genius. In fact, schizophrenia is virtually defined by its tendency to jumble mental processes and, especially, to interfere with the normal connections between thoughts and emotions. It is a misconception to think of those suffering from schizophrenia as particularly inclined to be violent towards others, though they do quite often turn on themselves with nearly half attempting suicide and about 15 percent succeeding at it. Delusions, particularly hearing voices and seeing what is not there, are common features of schizophrenia and are associated with behaviors that a trained observer can use to diagnose schizophrenia. Though schizophrenics are more prone to isolation or withdrawal than to gregariousness, when they do talk with others they tend towards a rambling, tangential, somewhat incoherent style in their conversation. (At about this time some of us professors in the audience must have paused for [incoherent?] thought. Perhaps I'd better wrap this up right here before all coherence has faded.)

Senior Citizens Center weekly card party

On April 13, there were 16 bridge and 27 pitch players. Winners at bridge were: First � Maurice Erickson; second � Monica Ballard; third � Marilyn Siecke; low � Lola Christensen. Bob Lynch shot at the moon and made it three times! He missed once. Refreshments were furnished by Frances Mollett, Peggy Mollett, Marge Rasmussen and Leone Christopherson. All seniors are invited to join the party every Wednesday.

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