Clubs 4-H leaders meet March 22

The Clay County 4-H Leaders met Tuesday, March 22, at 5:30 p.m. Present were April Borders, Colleen Speakman, Sherrie Ouellette, Julie Fallon, Iris Rydell, Sherrie Christensen, Nadeen Petersen, Gwen Ensminger, Carol Geu, Beverly Kennedy, Tim Clark, Don Lindstrom and Pam Hanson. President Don Lindstrom called the meeting to order. The flag salute and 4-H pledges were given. The secretary's report was approved. Carol gave the treasurer's report:
* There were no disbursements and a small amount of interest was received. This report was approved.
* Bills include the fruit cost due April 1 in order to receive a credit. We'll also receive another credit because of the number of boxes sold.
* April presented a bill for ads for the fruit sales and a bill for camping spots at the state fair. There is income for the camping spots as well.
* Two donations were received: from Glenwood Township and from Garfield. Carol will send a thank you for each. Old business:
* Spring project day is set up with 10 classes for April 30. Thank you Colleen.
* Envelopes for the county phon-a-thon still need to be turned in by Lucky Trail Blazers.
* Fruit sales for this year were discussed. Leaders stated the boxing of the fruit was very impressive. Special thanks to Sharron and Don for sorting it. This year 1,092 boxes were sold as compared to 998 a year ago. Checks need to be into the office from each club by March 30.
* Rate of gain and verification form deadlines were again stated. It was reiterated no exceptions to this policy will be made. There is no county rate of gain as stated previously although participation can be made at the state fair.
* Several clubs still need food stand representatives including Clay County Go-Getters, Coyote Cubs and Young Producers. Barry Cahoon was appointed for Shooting Sports.
* Registration and fees for traditional and teen camp are due April 21. Don and Pam will chaperone traditional camp and if no more than 10 boys and 10 girls attend, this will be sufficient. Drivers are needed and need be state employees. It is possible Beverly can drive. It will have to be determined as the date of camp gets closer.
* Teen leadership conference transportation was not decided at this time.
* An acrylic painting class is scheduled for July 7, 2 p.m. and is open to all ages and limited to 28 participants. In the past, $15 was the fee with more than 15 attending; otherwise it was $20. Instructor's travel fee of $80 will have to be paid.
* Two clubs still need charters: Dog and Clay County Go-Getters. New business:
* Each leader gave Colleen the number of requested state fair books. Clubs will pay for these as in the past.
* April outlined the procedure for judging schools: participants will be expected to be present at the top of the hour for a 20-minute education component w/actual judging to follow. Photography, visual arts and family consumer science will all be held the same day, each requiring an hour. Participants do not have to stay for all three. April encouraged an education component to the livestock schools as well.
* Carol and April will work together to find a cat show judge.
* Summer project day is set for July 16. Classes and instructors are needed.
* Last year the Fair Board and leaders split the fee for additional employment help during the fair. The leaders agreed to do the same this year.
* The Tri-Valley Dog Show is set for July 1-3. Workers will be needed for the 4-H food stand for a limited number of hours. Workers would still have to work the fair. More will be known later.
* A regional goat show will be July 23 in Tyndall. Preregistration is by July 15. The dairy affidavit will be used. Bob Kramer is the judge.
* April wondered if there was interest in a county skillathon as currently done at the state fair. Train the trainer classes would need to be held. No decision was made at this time.
* A discussion was held pertaining to the possibility of a business donating 4-H t-shirts to be worn by all showing livestock during the fair. April believes Kay Hanson spoke to her about it during the fair last year. 4-H t-shirts are worn as such at the state fair. Don will speak with Kay about what was said, etc.
* Last year's schedule for fair set up, take down and food stand was given to each leader. April asked each to look at and bring suggestions to the next meeting. Although it has not been decided upon, activities during the fair should be similar to last year's. A clean-up crew is needed following both the demolition derby and the tractor pull. Since alcohol is served, it is unacceptable to ask kids to be involved with clean up.
* The next meeting is scheduled for April 19, 5:30 p.m. Meeting adjourned. Minutes submitted by Beverly Kennedy, secr.

Meckling Livestock 4-H'ers meet On March 15

Meckling Livestock 4-H Club met at the Clay County Extension building. Ashley Ouellette led us in the Pledge of Allegiance. The Bottolfsons were our hosts this evening. President Ashley Ouellette called the meeting to order. The roll call topic was favorite animal. Elizabeth Bye read the secretary's report and the old business was discussed. Fruit pick up was Saturday, March 19, 9 to 10:30 a.m. Money for fruit was due to the leaders by March 27. Camp Lakodia deadline is April 21. Cost is $45, plus $3 for camp store and $6 for t-shirt. Adult chaperones are needed. Fashion revue workshop will be Saturday, April 16 at Lincoln County Extension Office in Canton. New business was discussed and meeting was adjourned. Stacy, Megan and Blaine Bottolfson performed an excellent skit on the effects of drugs and alcohol. After the skit they handed out information on what drugs and alcohol can do to you and why to stay away from them.

Senior Citizens Center weekly card party

On March 23, there were 21 bridge and 26 pitch players. Winners at bridge were: First � Jim Prosser; second � Louella Matson; third � Adeline Isaacson; blind bogey � Leona Kryger; low � Elaine Michaels.

Bob Clark and Louie Fostvedt �shot the moon� during the several pitch games.

Refreshments were furnished by Fran Moore, Marilyn Gors and Fritz Lefler.

All seniors are invited to join the party every Wednesday.

PTA discusses by-laws changes

The board of managers of the Vermillion PTA met 7 p.m. Thursday, March 24, at the Jolley Media Center.

Members present: Paddy Rosdail, president; Lisa Swanson, vice-president; Patty Rarick, secretary; Sharon Nielson, treasurer; Judy Zwolak, Ruth Ann Hildreth, Deana Fuller, Bob Bowker and Donna Moen.

Paddy Rosdail welcomed everyone present. She read numerous thank you notes from the community and teachers and staff from the Vermillion school district regarding the success of the recent opt-out vote, and for the Artist in Residence program provided for all second- and fourth-graders in February.

The board completed the State PTA Unit Survey.

The State PTA Conference is Saturday, April 9 in Sioux Falls. Paddy will send in the registration forms for those wanting to attend the conference.

Sharon Nielson, treasurer, presented our budget. We spent time brainstorming on fund raising. Our PTA budget year runs July 1-June 30.

The next PTA meeting will be April 5. Topics discussed for this meeting will be the following:

A. Lisa Swanson suggested the following three changes to our PTA Chapter By-Laws: ? Three vice-presidents be chosen to represent the following buildings: Austin, Jolley, and Middle/High Schools. The purpose is to allow the president to oversee all programs, while not being directly involved in organizing events throughout the year.

? The election of officers be held in the spring of each year.

? Lowering the number necessary for a quorum.

B. Children from the second- and fourth-grade classes will be asked to speak about the guest artist who was here in February.

C. A nominating committee will be formed to recommend the slate of officers for the next school year. Election of these officers will be held at the May 10 chapter meeting.

After the April 5 meeting, the next PTA meeting will be Tuesday, May 10. Topics discussed for this meeting will be the following:

? Election of officers

? Program �How to survive the summer with your kids.� Come hear about some creative ideas!

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