Letters No whining

To the editor:

The opt-out vote is over. There's more money for teachers.

My concern is the adult role model teachers are to be to their students. Teachers saying snide comments to students are unethical and unprofessional.

Teachers should be punished as a student is for bad behavior.

Now, who needs their mouth washed out with soap?

If this behavior is acceptable with our school system, then I don't want to hear teachers whining they don't get paid enough.

Lois J. Getzin


Rest in peace

To the editor:

I understand, as a mother of four, how impossible it would seem to let a child go peacefully! However, after 15 years and all the good medical testimony I believe they know more than I do. "Judging" the husband and choosing to ignore the facts is understandable but not acceptable as the Scriptures warn us "Judge not," etc.

This beautiful young woman "purged" in order to look a certain way. Had she still had her mental capabilities, she may have pulled the feeding tube herself rather than to be seen night after night on T.V. in the condition she was in. And as your other reader said "He was working within the system" and so did nothing underhanded.

May we all allow her and her families to rest in peace as God would have us do.

Rosie Shears


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