Letters Right to life

To the editor:

The right-to-die does not apply! Rather, the right-to-life, the self-evident, God-given, inborn, most basic human right, the constitutionally guaranteed right-to-life! Terri Schiavo has the right to life.

Michael Schiavo is one cruel, shrewd, brazen, manipulative control-freak who out does all other spousal abusers � OJ, Prince Charles ��bar none! Working within the system he dead-locked all three branches of the government: judicial, legislative, executive. Checkmate!

Morally he has no right to be her spokesman because he clearly has her best interests at heart not! He wants her dead, dead, dead!

She is capable of swallowing. Evidence? She does not drool. Everybody continuously swallows the excess accumulated saliva or, else, it spills out the corners of the mouth. Since she can swallow she could learn again to eat and drink.

For two reasons he wants her killed:

1. If she re-learned how to eat and drink, she might re-learn how to communicate ��and should she divulge all the years of injuries and humiliation he heaped upon her, he would be sorely stressed.

2. If the parents were given custody, they would be legally entitled to the balance left of the $1 million malpractice suit he won (on Terri's behalf) against the first medical center where he placed her ��an amount that would cover cost of rehabilitation ��not compensation for his pain and suffering, inconvenience, or whatever.

Yet, after winning his suit he refused permission for rehab procedures to be commenced!

Right now, he stands guard by her room to make sure nobody gives her any food or water!!

Marie Gray


Talk about Cherry St.

To the editor:

The Cherry Street reconstruction project (Vermillion, SD Hwy 50L) has been the subject of many questions directed to me by citizens over the past several months.

In an effort to help clarify the scope of the project and give citizens an opportunity to ask questions, I have asked the Department of Transportation to make a presentation to the city council.

Ron Peterson, area engineer for the S.D. DOT, will explain the project and field questions at our next regular city council meeting on Monday April 4, beginning at 7 p.m. at the Al Neuharth Media Center on the corner of Dakota and Cherry streets.

I am encouraging interested citizens to attend this public meeting to help become better informed about the Cherry Street project. The meeting will also be broadcast live on Vermillion Cable TV, channel 3.


Dan Christopherson

Mayor of Vermillion

Thanks for putting education first

To the editor:

I would like to send a huge thank you to the Vermillion community. I appreciate each and every voter who came to

the armory on March 15 and voted in favor of education.

All the people who voted thought seriously about the issue, and put the children's education before their own needs. It's because the opt-out passed that students in Vermillion will continue to receive a top-notch education.

My peers and I can rest assured that we still have bright futures. Opportunities that were on the line have been rescued.

Again, thank you. It's because of the caring people in this community that education is, and will remain, the first priority.


Amanda Granaas


There's still< work to do

To the editor:

On March 15, Vermillion voters showed their support for our children, our public schools and our community by approving an opt out of the property tax limitation to provide additional funding to our local school district. As a member of Support Our Students, a group of local citizens that campaigned for the opt out, I thank all of the people who came to the polls on election day.

Our work doesn't end here, however. School districts throughout the state face drastic cuts to teachers and programs due to inadequate funding under the state's formula for K-12 education. Even with an opt out in place, Vermillion will see further financial trouble five years down the road when the measure expires. Governor Rounds and our state legislature need to know that our communities won't stand for balancing the state budget on the backs of our public schools and our children. We're working to galvanize South Dakotans from every corner of the state to help send this message to Pierre.

Locally, I also encourage everyone in Vermillion to patronize our city's businesses, all of which pay a significant amount of property taxes to our local government and school district. Vermillion's Main Street offers a wonderful variety of unique stores and restaurants. Our grocery, building supply, and hardware stores provide customer assistance unavailable at the "big box" stores in larger cities. Our town boasts commercial and professional businesses?such as attorneys, printers, healthcare providers, computer service technicians � that makes us the envy of many towns our size. Supporting Vermillion businesses helps our local economy as well as our schools, our parks, and other publicly funded services.

Again, thank you to everyone who voted on March 15. Vermillion voters came through for our community and our kids.

Judy Zwolak

Support Our Students



To the editor:

As a student in the Vermillion School District, I would like to express my gratitude to a few people and groups involved in last week's opt-out vote.

First and foremost, I would like to thank the voters of Vermilion for not only coming out to the polls, but for supporting our schools. This vote only reaffirms my belief that the good people of Vermillion value education highly and realize what an asset our schools are. Second, I'd like to thank Lisa Swanson. She played such an integral role in the passing of the opt-out. She took the initiative to put together an excellent presentation about school funding and exactly what the opt-out meant, then she set off to inform the voters.

Mrs. Swanson deserves the utmost praise for her hard work and her deep concern for Vermillion Schools, students, and teachers. Lastly, I'd like to thank Judy Zwolak and all the members of Support Our Students for their dedicated work during the months leading up to the vote.

Once again, thank you Vermillion!

Hannah Pommersheim


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