Local officials take advantage of Wednesday’s unique occasion

Local officials take advantage of Wednesday's unique occasion By David Lias Vermillion City Alderman Ray Hofman found himself wearing several hat during Wednesday�s Capital for a Day in Vermillion.

He was part of a contingent of local officials who greeted Gov. Rounds and members of his cabinet at the Vermillion airport earlier in the day.

Later in the afternoon, he was among hundreds of Vermillion citizens who flocked to the Vermillion High School Commons to mingle with state officials.

It was a valuable, learning experience, said Hofman, who serves as the Clay County zoning and veterans affairs officer.

�A big part of my job is zoning,� he said, �and it was really helpful to see what was out there, especially the materials presented by the (state) geological survey. And the maps they have are incredible.�

Vermillion City Manager John Prescott enjoyed the opportunity to have face-to-face contact with state officials he likely will be communicating with in the future.

�I�ve been working with an individual (from state government), and have talked to a couple of different state agencies about helping resolve a problem,� he said.

At times, it was difficult for Prescott to be heard over the din in the commons, which was filled nearly to capacity with local citizens interested in participated in the Capital for a Day activities.

�What has struck me is the turnout we�ve had,� Prescott said. �It�s been great throughout the community, as well as the willingness and the accessibility of our state officials. They are glad to see you, and they are more than willing to try to address your problems and listen and concerns.�

Capital for a Day proved to be a valuable resource for Kevin Jacobson of the Clay County Historic Preservation Commission.

�I visited with some of the folks in the state (historical) preservation office, and basically just discussed the program and what we could see for Clay County and Vermillion,� he said. �You don�t get a chance to see state government in one room, and I hope a lot of people take advantage of this.

�I think Vermillion is the jewel of southeast South Dakota, and I think this is a great opportunity for people,� he said.

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