Local resident finds it pays to shop locally

Local resident finds it pays to shop locally Over the holiday season, Hallmark sponsored a Hollywood Holiday Sweepstakes promotion. Each time consumers shopped at Hallmark during the promotion period and used their Hallmark Gold Crown Card, their names were automatically entered into a national drawing for prizes.

In early February, local resident Lisa Ketcham received a Fed Ex package notifying her that she was a first prize winner in the drawing.

"When I first received the news that I was a winner, I was a little skeptical. I hadn't signed up for any drawings, so I wasn't sure if this was real or not," she said. "I called the promotional company and they confirmed that it was for real and that my name was drawn as a result of using my Gold Crown Card while Christmas shopping at Deb's Hallmark in Vermillion."

John Schwankl, district sales manager for Hallmark Marketing Corporation, said, "Shopping Hallmark Gold Crown always pays off, but in this case, using your Hallmark Gold Crown Card paid big dividends. We would like to say thank you for shopping Hallmark, congratulations on being a winner, and enjoy your prize!"

Deb Peterson, owner of Deb's Hallmark, was very excited to hear that someone from Vermillion won the national sweepstakes as a result of shopping in her store. "When I heard the news that one of my customers won first prize, I was thrilled! We always encourage people to use their Gold Crown Card because of all of the great promotions that we do at Hallmark, both in our local store as well as on a national level, and in this case, it truly paid off."

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