Manor governing board

Manor governing board takes retreat for info The governing board of the Wakonda Heritage Manor held a retreat on Saturday, April 16 at the Manor.

The retreat began at 9:30 a.m. and ended by early afternoon. Facilitator for the retreat was Richard Thompson, a vice president with the Avera system. Becky McManus, local administrator, and Tony Ericson, from Avera Sacred Heart, also gave and reviewed informational data.

The morning was largely taken up with reviewing statistical information; bed utilization, changes in third party reimbursement, and changes or trends in health care as it relates to nursing homes. The three major factors are demographics, the workforce, and financing.

In the afternoon the board members endeavored to set some priorities for the upcoming years. Strengths and weaknesses of the facility, as well as opportunities and threats were considered. Relationship to the community is of prime importance.

Considerable thought was given to personnel and the image of the facility. Consideration was also given to the age of the building and the possible use of some areas that are not now being heavily used.

The board also held its regular monthly meeting during the retreat.

The community is fortunate to have a well-run modern health care facility that is striving to keep up to date and abreast of the changing needs and the delivery system.

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