Letters Right to life To the editor: The right-to-die does not apply! Rather, the right-to-life, the self-evident, God-given, inborn, most basic human right, the constitutionally guaranteed right-to-life! Terri Schiavo has the right to life. Michael Schiavo is one cruel, shrewd, brazen, manipulative control-freak who out does all other spousal abusers … Read Article

Small Claims

Small Claims The following judgements were entered March 22, 2005 in the Small Claims Division of the First Judicial Circuit in Clay County. The debtor is listed first, the creditor is listed second. Justin Uthe, 1400 Meadow View, Yankton, to City of Vermillion, 25 Center St., Vermillion, $628.11. Melissah Doohen, … Read Article

For the Record

For the Record March 11-17, 2005 Lindsay Kay Dewinter, 2904 Douglas Ave., #232, Yankton: Speeding on state highway, $35 plus costs. Shae Lea Anderson, 107 N. Mary St., Parkston: Speeding on state highway, $135 plus costs. Jeffrey Thomas Hanisch, 5705 S. Alex Ct., Sioux Falls: Speeding on state highway, $15.80 … Read Article