Question of dependence focus of April 5 forum

Question of dependence focus of April 5 forum "Too Dependent on Arab Oil & Asia Banks?" will be the next topic of the International Forum April 5 at noon in Frankenfeld A of the Coyote Student Center.

The forum is sponsored by the USD School of Business. Panelists include Prof. Greg Huckabee (business law), Dr. Dennis Johnson (economics/emeritus) and Dr. Ray Ring (economics). Dr. Benno Wymar (economics/emeritus) will be the moderator.

How much longer can the U.S. depend on Asian central banks, such as the Bank of China and the Bank of Japan, to finance its budget and trade deficits?

And with about two thirds of its oil having to be imported, what would happen if a major supplier such as Saudi Arabia would be forced to cease all oil exports?

Would it result in a return of conditions experienced during the 1970s when frequently it was impossible to purchase any gasoline? These and other questions will be taken up by the panelists.

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