Renaudin will perform in Europe

Renaudin will perform in Europe By Amber Skjonsberg Throughout the years at Wakonda School there have been foreign exchange students, some from China, Mexico, Germany, and even Kazakhstan. Now, this summer, WHS sophomore Jeanne Renaudin will be traveling to Europe but she won't be going as an exchange student. She will be traveling across the Atlantic Ocean to represent the Wakonda High School Band by participating in a tri-state band.

Once in Europe, Jeanne will travel to various hotels where she, along with 175 other nominated band students from South Dakota, Minnesota, and Iowa, will perform for local communities all across Europe.

The theme of this tri-state band is "Music is the universal language" and with Jeanne going all the way to Europe she is eager to start practicing, but she hasn't gotten her music yet. She will be able to start practicing with her group on May 8.

Jeanne will only have a month to practice her music because on June 22 she leaves the small town of Wakonda to experience a new culture.

Jeanne was nominated to go in October of 2003 along with Jessica Peterson and Joseph Barnett, but they are unable to go.

"My mom is happy for me and my dad is thrilled. He knows that this is a once in a lifetime experience ?" Jeanne said.

Going to another country is a once in a lifetime experience, but isn't a free one. Jeanne's trip will set her family back $3,500, not including her passport, which is $90; the band camp, which is $200, her uniform, $50; and some extra money for bus fair and spending money.

To pay for this, Jeanne has been working full time at Toby's and her dad has been working over time almost every day. So far they have raised $2,500 for her trip but are still short of their goal. They ask that if there is anyone who would like to sponsor Jeanne for her trip, they may call her or her dad at 267-2407.

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