Senior Spotlight

Senior Spotlight By Bethany Parvin Erin Brianne Spurrell was born July 8, 1987, to Judy Swensen and Owen Spurrell in Viborg. Erin has two brothers, Brian and Shawn.

Erin has gone to Wakonda School her entire life. Her first crush was on Chris Beatty and her classmate Eric Skonhovd.

Erin has been an active girl throughout high school. She's been in volleyball, band, chorus all four years, school play one year, and cheerleading five years.

Her favorite class memory was when her friend Danielle got de-pantsed in front of the whole school. To this day she swears she had nothing to do with it. Her favorite teacher memory comes from her history teacher's class. Mr. Muth was making fun of Erin for her rap music and she told him she was from the "prospects."

You can find her listening to Vanilla Ice's song Ice, Ice, Baby with her close group of friends she calls her classmates. She says, "We might not be the most liked class but I have never had so much fun with a group of people. You would be very lucky to have friends like I do."

If Erin could will anything to her underclassmen she would will the ability to make fun of yourself as much as possible, because it makes the day go by faster. Her most embarrassing moment is when she accidentally flashed a teacher.

"Remember, days go by but memories last forever" is one of Erin's favorite quotes. She will take that saying with her to SDSU in Brookings and major in clinical laboratory sciences.

Erin's bubbly attitude and her outlook on life will be missed in the halls of Wakonda next year. She's a great friend and always knows how to cheer up the day.

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