Tanager track and field teams look forward to season

Tanager track and field teams look forward to season By Jim Prosser The VHS Tanager boys� and girls� track and field teams are led by head coach Jim McGuire, assisted by Len Griffith, Jerry Pratt, and Tammy Christensen. This year�s group of athletes is somewhat smaller in numbers, having lost seven state tourney place winners from graduation or transfer.

Coach McGuire listed some keys to a successful season:

�Due to lack of depth in both girls and boys, we will need to stay healthy. Overall, in the girls, with the return of seniors Annie Carlson and Morgan Brooks, who have been a part of the team since seventh grade, we have outstanding leadership. Carlson is one of the best jumpers in Class A. Freshman sprinter Alisha Brown should again be one of the top sprinters in the state. She missed most of the end of last season with a stress fracture in her foot. Newcomer Nicole Orr is doing a good job in the hurdles, and sprinters Brittney Babb, Annie Roche, and Krista Froke should make our sprint relays a force again this year. Kata Gombocz, Brooks, and Emily Renner will make up the bulk of an outstanding distance crew.�

For the boys, Ben Oberle returns as one of the state�s best 200-400M runners. He anchored the state champion 4×400 relay and was second in the 400. Donny Stewart and Jordan Anderson return as throwers and should provide a solid throwing team. Bobby Dykstra is looking good in the jumps, especially the high jump. Andrew Pier, Ryan Powell, and Paul Hammond should improve in the sprints and jumps as the year progresses. Mike Preszler is becoming the leader of the distance runners.

Following is a complete list of each roster:


Kayla Anglin, ninth grade, thrower; Brittney Babb, 11th, sprinter; Franziska Bonewitz, 12th, thrower; Morgan Brooks, 12th, mid-distance; Alicia Brown, ninth, sprinter; Annie Carlson, 12th, jumper, hurdler, sprinter; Krista Froke, 10th, jumper, sprinter; Kata Gombocz, 10th, distance; Nicole Orr, 11th, hurdler; Emily Renner, ninth, distance; Annie Roche, 10th, sprinter; Calle Sorensen, ninth, sprinter, hurdler; Kinsey Weydert, 10th, hurdler.

Greg Anderson, eighth, sprinter; Jordan Anderson, 12th, thrower; Casey Carson, ninth, distance; D.J. Donahoe, eighth, distance; Bobby Dykstra, 10th, jumper; Jerod Freidel, ninth, sprinter, jumper; Paul Hammond, 10th, sprinter, jumper; Andrew Manning, 10th, distance; Reid Meierkort, ninth, sprinter; J.R. Moore, eighth, mid-distance; Michael Oberle, eighth, hurdler, sprinter; Ben Oberle, 12th, sprinter, jumper; Andrew Pier, 11th, sprinter, jumper; Ryan Powell, 10th, sprinter; Michael Preszler, 11th, mid-distance; Donny Stewart, 11th, thrower; Brody Stone, 10th, distance; Juan Valdez, 10th, distance.

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