The Logues’ new start is a healthy one

The Logues' new start is a healthy one By Amber Skjonsberg At the beginning of the new year Abby Logue and her father Tom Logue were admitted into the hospitals at Rochester, MN. There, Tom donated one of his kidneys to his youngest daughter.

Abby was born with her kidneys fused as one, in the shape of a "U" or horseshoe. It was later determined that she would need a transplant and her father was a match.

After the Logues' long two-month stay in the hospital away from their family and friends, they are happy to be back at home and in good health.

On Jan. 4, Mr. Logue was admitted into the Methodist Hospital. The surgery to remove his kidney was a success and he was dismissed two days later. While he was in Rochester and during his recovery at home, his family and friends helped out on the farm.

On of Jan. 3, Abby was brought to the St. Mary's Children's Hospital. The next day Abby had her surgery. Everything went well until the end of her surgery. Abby started to develop problems with her blood pressure, heart rate and a high temperature.

After the surgery Abby had very little urine output. She then needed an ultrasound, which showed good blood flow to her new kidney, but on Jan. 7 a biopsy showed she had a mild acute tubular necrosis (ATN), also known as a "Sleepy Kidney."

A dialysis catheter was inserted so that Abby could receive hemo-dialysis, which she received three different times in a three-week period. Around Jan. 26, Abby's new kidney began to function.

Of the 53 days Abby was in the hospital, she was on a ventilator for all but 11. During that time Abby had two failed attempts to remove it and had to be re-intubated due to respiratory issues.

Abby had other tests and surgeries performed while she was in the hospital. She had a G-tube, or feeding tube, put in her stomach; a new porta-cath placed, which is used to access her veins for regular blood draws; and a hernia repair to her belly button.

By March 1, Abby was well enough to go home.

"It's wonderful being home. We are so grateful that things are finally starting to look up again," said Abby's mom, Angie Logue.

Although the whole Logue family is finally home from the hospital they still have to go to Yankton Medical Clinic once a week for Abby's labs. This is done to make sure the anti-rejection medication Abby takes twice a day remains working and is at the right dosage. Abby's family must also care for her G-tube site to prevent infections.

Now that Abby's at home, her sisters, Alexis and Alison, have learned the importance of washing their hands.

"Now that we finally have Abby home we would like to keep her as healthy as possible. We are trying to teach our girls and others that proper hand washing is a must," Angie explained. She also asks that if anyone is sick to please wait to visit until they are feeling better.

"We cannot begin to express the gratitude that we feel towards our family, friends, and community. We

would also like to thank everyone that helped collect the 'Abby's Tabby's.' Enough money was raised to pay for our entire stay at the Ronald McDonald House," Angie said.

A benefit will be held for Abby on April 9 at the Legion Hall in Wakonda. There will be a dinner served at 4 p.m. and an auction starting at 6 p.m. A dance will follow the auction.

Proceeds from the benefit will receive matching funds of $2,500 from Modern Woodmen of America, $800 from Clay County Chapter of Thrivent and $300 from Turner County Chapter of Thrivent.

If you would like to make cash or auction donation you can contact Pam Ganschow at 605-267-2607, Margo McCue at 605-267-2617, or Marsha Steffen at 605-267-2681.

Other details of the benefit and a list of auction items are displayed on the wall at Steffen's Bar and Grill.

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