Wakonda all-school musical a success

Wakonda all-school musical a success By Bethany Parvin Wakonda's all-school musical was a hit. Friday, April 22, the old gym played host to about 80 dinner theater guests of Wakonda High School's production of The Butler Did it Singing, a play by Tim Kelly.

This play was set on a secluded island that is only accessible by helicopter or by boat. Miss Maple, played by Adrianne Logue, invited a group of detective writers to join her for a night of fun. Miss Maple and her secretary, Rita, played by Courtney Nelson, plan a fake story about a lunatic that has escaped and ended their abilities to leave the island to get to the real world. Miss Maple thinks she had the master plan, but in all of her madness something unexpected happens � a dead body that wasn�t in her master plan.

Her list of guests includes Havershmam, a young housemaid who happens to be an ex-convict, played by Jeanne Renaudin. Also invited is Sister White, played by Jeanie Stockland, a drunken, flirtatious nun. Sister White seems to have an infatuation with a famous mystery writer Chandler Marlowe, played by Patrick Morrison. Also in attendance is Louie Fan, a mystery writer, played by Allan Alsdorf. The married rich couple, Rick and Laura, were played by Alex Nielsen and Katie Sokolowski. Andy Jensen brought Peter Flimsey to life, and finishing out the cast was Jessica Peterson�s character, Charity, who arrives by helicopter later in the production.

The lights for the evening were worked by Tasha Goeden, and the sound system was provided by Allen Ward. Kudos go to Julie Morren, Wakonda High School�s play director and the K-12 band and vocal teacher for her hard work in "puttin' on the show."

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