Wakonda’s 2005 prom: ‘Viva Las Vegas’

Wakonda's 2005 prom: 'Viva Las Vegas' This year's Wakonda Prom was held on a beautiful sunny day, Saturday April 2.

The young men looked great in their tuxes while all ladies were in their beautiful dresses.

This year's theme was "Viva Las Vegas." The dinner was sponsored by Steffen's Grill and Bar. They offered rib eye steak and fettuccine with a side order of twicebaked potatoes.

After the dance ended at 12:30 a.m. the students got on a bus at 1 a.m. and traveled up to Sioux Falls to Gigglebee's to play lazer tag, bumper cars, and a whole lot of arcade games.

The students didn't get back into Wakonda until 6:30 a.m. where the after-prom gifts were waiting for them.

All and all it was a fun night and the students seemed to really enjoy it.

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