Anemia on May 8 On Call

Anemia on May 8 On Call Anemia is the topic on the May 8 edition of On Call.

"We'll tell viewers about the warning signs of anemia and the tests that are used to diagnose this condition. We'll also explain the connection between anemia and chronic kidney disease," producer Lindsey Meyers said.

Meyers and On Call Medical Editor Dr. Rick Holm will examine the topic with guest Dr. Vinod Parameswaran from Avera Hematology and


"Anemia can make people feel tired and weak. And if left untreated it can lead to other serious health complications. The good news is that anemia can be treated. We'll be exploring different treatment options with our guest."

On Call is a weekly program about health on South Dakota Public Television. The South Dakota Cooperative Extension Service produces the program. The show is broadcast Sundays at 12:30

p.m. on South Dakota Public Television.

On Call is the only medical program endorsed by the South Dakota State Medical Association and the South Dakota Department of Health. It is made possible by major underwriter support from Avera Health. Additional sponsors include The South Dakota Foundation for

Medical Care, Dakotacare, Brookings Hospital, Rapid City Regional Hospital, Swiftel Communications and Friends of SDPB.

Diabetes is the topic of the May 15 show.

Viewers can call 1-888-DrOnCall (1-888-376-6225) with questions for the program any time of day. Or submit questions through the On Call Web site,

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