Barstow Park is club project

Barstow Park is club project The Jolly Juniors and Juniorette 4-H club met on Tuesday, April 12 at the 4-H building for its monthly meeting. Austin Krier led the 4-H pledge and Clayton Larsen led the Pledge of Allegiance. The roll call topic was "What my favorite T.V. show is."

Sarah Anderson, club treasurer, gave an update on the club's treasurer report. Theresa Dendinger, club president, discussed old business: Spring Come Create Day � Saturday, April 30 � samples of the projects were on display. The Fashion Revue Workshop is Saturday, April 16 in Canton.

New Business: The dates for the Clay County Fair are Aug. 11-13. On April 16, there is a special Foods Help Day in Yankton, for anyone interested in attending. Ellen Hanson will provide cookies for the winner of the St. Agnes Autumn Classic cookies-for-a-year-winner for the month of May.

Trash pick up at Barstow Park was re-scheduled due to an extremely rainy day on April 12. Members are to meet on Sunday, April 16 at 1 p.m., at the southwest corner of Barstow Park to clean up the trash/litter.

Wednesday, April 20 is Capital for a Day; Gov. Rounds will be in attendance at the events planned that day. Each family is asked to bring a pan of bars to the high school commons between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. for the refreshments provided at the days events.

On Saturday, April 23, the club will set up a bake sale at the Baton and Pom competition being held at the high school auxiliary gym. Any club members wishing to bring bars/cookies and to help at it are welcome. Ellen and Marley Hanson will be there from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. to run the sale.

There is no club meeting in May. The members will meet on Friday, May 16 at the High School Theater to go to the high school play Romeo and Juliet, start time 7:30 p.m. Each family is asked to bring two dozen cookies or bars, then the Drama Club will sell them at intermission.

Vermillion Beautiful is set for Saturday, May 21. Cyndi Dendinger will call everyone with details as it gets closer to the date.

Ellen Hanson motioned to the meeting to adjourn and Katie Van Balen seconded the motion. The meeting was then adjourned.

Marion Kryger was present at the meeting to show and talk about the wood organizer club members were going to start working on. He then gave them some instructions on how to start the project. Members sanded pieces of wood and some started staining and painting the wood. The project will be completed at the June meeting. Mr Kryger will come to the meeting in June, to finish the project with club members.

Refreshments were provided by Cyndi Dendinger and Pam Hanson.

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