Boys’ tennis team goes 1-2 at Brookings quad

Boys' tennis team goes 1-2 at Brookings quad By Jim Prosser The quadrangular at Brookings on Saturday, April 30 involved the Tanager boys� tennis team vs. Brookings, Brandon Valley, and Milbank.

�Overall I was pleased with our performances on the weekend,� said coach Jon Ruevers. �We played well in the case when the scoreboard doesn�t show it. We are improving and getting better with every match.�

The Tanagers� dual record is now 2-9.

First match team scores: BVHS � 9; VHS � 0.

Singles: Tom Enge-

bretson (BV) def. Steve Foltz 8-4; Matt Hubbel (BV) def. Dan Day 8-2; Bryan Wehrkamp (BV) def. Keshav Arogyaswamy 8-2; Ian Blue (BV) def. Anthony Rath 8-3; Camden Nettstad (BV) def. Harsh Patel 8-1; and Logan Soper (BV) def. Eric Hesla 8-1.

Doubles: Engebretson/ Hubbel (BV) def. Foltz/Day 8-4; Nettstad/Wehrkamp (BV) def. Rath/Arogyaswamy (V) 9-8 (7-5); Dustin Eggert/Blake Klumberg (BV) def. Hesla/Patel 8-1.

Second match total team scores: BHS � 9; VHS � 0.

Singles: BJ Flynn (B) def. Foltz 8-4; Wade Kippley (B) def. Day 8-1; Alex Kalsbeck (B) def. Arogyaswamy 8-3; Kyle Bender (B) def. Rath 8-3; Dan Stratton (B) def. Patel 8-6; Dave Leiferman (B) def. Hesla 8-2.

Doubles: Kippley/Flynn def. Foltz/Day 8-2; Kals-

beck/Leifrman def. Arogya-

swamy/Rath 8-2; Stratton/ Bender def. Hesla/Patel 8-4.

Third match team scores: VHS � 8; MHS � 1.

Singles: Foltz (V) def. Josh Anderson (M) 8-1; Day (V) def. Tyler Keller (M) 8-6; Arogyaswamy (V) def. Ryan DeFea (M) 8-0; Kyle Reedstrom (M) def. Rath (V) 8-4; Harsh Patel (V) def. Miles Neuharth (M) 8-2; and Hesla (V) def. Kevin Hagen (M) 8-3.

Doubles: Foltz/Day def. Anderson/Keller 8-1; Aro-

gyaswamy/Rath def. Defea/ Reedstrom 8-3; and Hesla/ Patel def. Neuharth/Tyler Buttne 8-4.

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