Citizens urged to purchase weather radios

Citizens urged to purchase weather radios South Dakotans are urged to purchase weather radios now that spring has arrived.

"We want citizens to know the value of having a weather radio to warn them of any type of hazard in their communities," said Public Safety Secretary Tom Dravland.

Under a January 1975 White House policy statement, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration NOAA Weather Radio was designated the sole government-operated radio system to provide direct warning into private homes for both natural disasters and nuclear attack.�

The NOAA and the National Weather Service recently expanded the use of the weather radio to include warnings for all hazards, such as hazardous materials releases and wildfires.�The NOAA Weather Radio also provides continuous broadcasts of the latest weather information directly from the National Weather Service offices. These broadcasts are tailored for the radio owner's specific area.

"It is now possible to program certain weather radios to sound an alert for only the counties you desire in a specific area," Dravland said.

Gov. Rounds' proclamation and the South Dakota Severe Weather Preparedness handbook are available at The handbook contains details about:

* Weather radios

* Preparing an emergency supply kit

* Weather hazards such as floods, thunder/lightning, tornados, and excessive heat

* Preparing an emergency school plan

* State, county, and tribal emergency management contact information.

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