Come on and dance!

Come on and dance! The Jazz 2 students of Heart and Soul Dance Studio perform to the song Are You Gonna Go My Way. Pictured are Epiphany Knedler, Sami Austin, Ashley Brunick, Jordyn Butcher, Bailey Johns, Elly Melby and Amber Walker. By David Lias Young people in Vermillion are learning the finer points of dance, thanks to the establishment of the Heart & Soul Dance Studio in the community this past year.

Saturday afternoon, the studio�s students showed off what they have learned during the studio�s first annual recital, held at the Vermillion High School Auditorium.

Besides the dancers pictured above, other performers, under the direction of Andrea Reeves and teachers Georgia Gray-Lobe, Jess Grocott and Halli Holden include ballet dancers Jordyn Butcher, Leah Geis and Mikayla Vetter, and Jazz 1 dancers Maria Callegari, Briana England, Hannah Finnegan, Darby Kelly, Teddi Settles, Mikayla Vetter and Kaylee Yager.

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