Cornstock plans are underway

Cornstock plans are underway With summer soon approaching, it's time to start thinking about "Cornstock 2005." August 6 has been reserved as the date to raise additional funds for improvements at the Wakonda Park. The Cornstock Committee, in partnership with the town of Wakonda will purchase new playground equipment for the park as a project this year. The plan is still in the early stages, but the goal is to have new playground equipment installed and ready for use in 2006.

Many of you have noticed recent improvements at the park which include new park benches around the pool's perimeter, a new backstop and team benches at the baseball field. These additions to our city park could not be possible without the support of the community.

Along with the usual events at "Cornstock," such as a dance on the tennis court, a car show, children's games, a horseshoe tournament and other fun activities, we are looking to attract more craft and food vendors. The Cornstock Committee will be accepting pre-paid booth reservations this year. This will alleviate vendors from arriving at the last minute so we can accommodate everyone who shows an interest in selling food or crafts.

Any group, business or individual is welcome to reserve a spot with or without electricity. Interested parties wishing to reserve a space for Aug. 6, should contact Mark or Julie Nelsen at 267-2504 or leave a message.

Remember reservations with pre-payment will only be accepted this year. No exceptions. Deadline for pre-paid reservations is July 31.

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