Ginn Sisters at Gayville Saturday

Ginn Sisters at Gayville Saturday The Ginn Sisters of Austin, TX, will perform in concert at 8 p.m. on Saturday, May 7, with John and Susan McNeill at Gayville Hall in Gayville.

Tiffani and Brit Grinn grew up in Schulenburg, TX, in a musical family that enjoyed great country, blues, and folk music. Tiffani, the older sibling by 13 months, is the songwriter, lead singer, and guitar player of the duo. She has been on stage as a singer, dancer, and actor since childhood.

Sister Brit, with years of formal music study, sings harmonies and plays an unusual instrument for the kind of country music they perform, the flute. The sisters moved to Austin in 2003 and recorded Generally Happy, a debut CD which has been critically acclaimed. They will perform original songs and a classic or two.

The McNeills, of Spring field, regularly perform original and classic songs of the pop, folk and country genres at Gayville Hall, where John will sing some of his cowboy tunes with Susan, and both will perform some country and pop standards.

Gayville Hall is at 502 Washington Street in Gayville. Reserved seats cost $12.50. Call 605-267-2859. Tickets are $10 at the door.

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