Letters A tribute

To the editor:

A tribute to the Vermillion Police Department

Cops in this town are ready to serve;

They are brave and good;

They are always ready should someone call;

They help people through it all;

One day I thought I happened to see some wings come out from behind them for just a second you know;

They can't tell anybody because they're special servants, you see;

They stand the test, they do their best and they are all that they can be;

Keep on keepin' on.

Carol Duncombe



To the editor:

The year 2009 will mark the 150th anniversary of the founding of the city of Vermillion in 1859. The city council and city staff would like to begin the planning process for various recognition events and celebrations to mark this milestone in our community history.

We also desire to identify and accomplish community improvement projects as part of this process.

I would like to appoint a "Sesquicentennial Commission" consisting of interested citizens who will work toward the goal of planning and implementing a meaningful and worthy celebration in 2009. This is a great opportunity to tap the

multitude of creative talents we have as resources in

Vermillion and work

together to achieve appropriate recognition for this very significant community birthday.

Interested citizens please contact me via letter at City Hall, 25 Center Street, or email at danchris@iw.net by June 27.


Dan Christopherson

Mayor of Vermillion

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