Rhubarb dessert contest planned

Rhubarb dessert contest planned As the next step in fund raising the fun way, the Friends of the W.H. Over Museum have scheduled a rhubarb dessert contest on Saturday, May 21 at 1:30 p.m. in Sletwold Hall.

Anyone can participate either by baking something to be judged or serving as a taster/judge for $5. Members can participate at half price.

You can choose to prepare whatever you like � pie, cake, cobbler, even rhubarb jam. The only rules are that it be homemade, that it contain rhubarb as the majority of the fruit present, and that you are willing to share your recipe.

Spring is rhubarb season. The plants grow freely wherever there is a good bit of sunshine and good soil. The origin of this plant is believed to be the sub-alpine region of Siberia. It is related to the dock family, which our native people used as food and medicine.

Many centuries ago, people found rhubarb to be a refreshing food, tasty and easy to prepare. So it spread throughout the world as people took their seeds along with them in their travels.

Everyone is invited to come and enjoy spring by cooking or by judging others' efforts to make this historic food a delight.

For more information or to register, please call the museum, 677-5228. All proceeds will be used to help the Friends maintain the museum building.

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