Travel counselors have toured S.D.

Travel counselors have toured S.D. Forty counselors from South Dakota's 10 Interstate Information Centers toured the state April 30 through May 5. The counselors represent all the Information Centers near Chamberlain, New Effington, Salem, Spearfish, Tilford, Valley Springs, Vermillion, Vivian, Wasta and Wilmot.

The Information Centers open May 14. Go to for a map of South Dakota's Interstate Information Centers.

Each year, the South Dakota Office of Tourism holds a training tour for the travel counselors. "This tour equips our counselors with an extensive knowledge and a familiarity of South Dakota," said James Hagen, secretary of the Department of Tourism and State Development. "Our counselors visit one-on-one with travelers, suggesting things to see and do and generally making visitors feel at home. It's important they have a complete understanding of the sites travelers want to see, and this tour accomplishes that."

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