Vermillion Jaycees among top 100 chapters

Vermillion Jaycees among top 100 chapters The Vermillion Jaycees have received the honor of being listed as one of the top 100 U.S. Jaycee chapters to watch in the nation.�

The Vermillion Jaycees have been working hard to rebuild their chapter and provide the community with great leaders for the future.�They have also been working hard to come together to help provide the Vermillion community with great historic projects such as their recent annual sandbox fill, Pitch, Hit and Run projects and new projects such as the Show and Shine Car Show and the Spirit of Vermillion project in conjunction with the wine festival during the Labor Day weekend.

Establishing a signature project can bring the spotlight to a small town. That is the focal point for President Jody Harnois of the Vermillion Jaycees.

"We have built our member ship around the idea that our community needs a signature event of its own that can bring a spotlight on what Vermillion has to offer. We have gone from less than five active members to close to 30 committed individuals in less than three months," said Harnois.

He continued, "Local merchants are very concerned about the changes that will be taking place over the next couple years with the introduction of a mega-mart. Like other communities in similar situations, they are concerned about bringing customers back into our community and to the downtown businesses."

The Vermillion Jaycees are planning on a city-wide celebration during Labor Day weekend called the Spirit of Vermillion. They are working hard with local city government, the Chamber of Commerce, Parks and Recreation Department and USD.

"All of these entities and organizations are represented in our chapter. The event is well on its way and the cooperation we have gotten from the community has surpassed expectations," Harnois added.

Harnois knows that establishing this signature event will be no easy task and will require some extensive manpower to handle the event. They are recruiting people to fill key positions and identify the type of people needed to accomplish their goals.

In addition, they will enlist the help of other organizations such as the Boy/Girl Scouts, local restaurants and college groups to help with the event.

A very diverse and enthusiastic group, the Vermillion Jaycees like to be involved in meetings of the organization. "We have had 80 to 90 percent participation ? on a consistent basis," said Harnois.

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