Wakonda Community Club reports on variety of topics

Wakonda Community Club reports on variety of topics 2005 Brochure

With about 27 members present for the May 4 meeting of the Wakonda Community Club, the new brochure was presented. Quantities are not yet available from the printer, but members were pleased with the presentation. Throughout the year there are many uses for the brochure as inquiries come in the mail for information about the town. Telephone requests are received and new people, as well as visitors to Wakonda, often pick up a brochure.

Blood Donor Day

It was noted that Blood Donor Day has been moved to June 1. The Siouxland Blood Bank will hold to its original plans and be at the Senior Citizens Building following the June 1 Community Club meeting and will draw blood from 2 to 6 p.m. Plan now to give if you are able.

Cheryl Knudsen


The club received word that Cheryl had been honored by the S.D. State Counselors Association naming her as Counselor of the Year. A congratulatory letter is to be sent to her from the organization.

In other school news, Supt. Johnke brought the group up to date on the many events that come with the end of the school year. He expressed appreciation for the fact that the Eagles football team was pictured on the new brochure. (Eagles is the new name for the athletic teams as the Wakonda/Irene teams will be playing as one this fall and in other sports as well).

National Nursing

Home Week

Although by the time you read this the events of National Nursing Home Week will have been completed, you need to be aware that there were activities at Heritage Manor each day of this week and the Manor staff made a fine presentation of the upcoming events as well as offering an invitation to the public to participate where possible.

Yard of the Month

The winner of the award for this month was unanimous for Russ Polley. Russ not only keeps up his own yard but does the yards on either side of him as well. Russ's home is located at 306 Idaho St.

All-School Reunion

July 2-3

Members were reminded of the upcoming All-School Reunion on July 2 and 3. The town folk are encouraged to clean up and spruce up as there will be many out-of-town visitors for that event.

Support for town beautification; flowers for the barrels, etc., as well as financial support for the summer recreation program was approved.

The Wakonda Community Health Foundation is exploring the possibility of sponsoring a "Bike Safety Program" depending on interest and availability of personnel and scheduling.

A committee was appointed to assist in the completion of the Highway 46 sign just east of the Wakonda turn off. Becky McManus, Manor administrator, has been working on some preliminary plans for the sign.

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