A slice of the action

A slice of the action By David Lias Fox�s Pizza Den has only been open in the Silver Dollar Restaurant since May 16, but Jere Chapman, owner of the restaurant, is confident that introducing the franchise to Vermillion was the right decision.

�I chose this franchise for allowing me to have the flexibility of locating it in my own restaurant,� he said.

The new eatery has its own identity within the Silver Dollar Restaurant.

�It has its own crew, its own customers and its own kitchen,� Chapman said. �All I lost in the process was what had been the smoking section of the Silver Dollar. I thought it was important that we operate it as a separate business.�

Chapman learned about the franchise by reading a review of a Fox�s Pizza Den that opened last January in Lincoln, NE.

The national franchise was begun in Pennsylvania by Jim Fox in 1971. He incorporated in 1974 and today, there are more than 300 franchises in 28 states with annual sales topping $60 million.

Chapman�s first attempt to contact Fox was unsuccessful. Within 24 hours, however, Fox returned the Vermillion restaurant owner�s call � which immediately impressed Chapman.

�Eventually, we went down to Lincoln to see his franchise there, and then we traveled to Pittsburgh to meet with Fox and view his operation,� Chapman said.

Fox�s Pizza Den provides Vermillion diners with new meal time opportunities. In addition to pizza in five sizes, its menu features stromboli (Italian turnovers), hoagies, salads, and, perhaps its most unique offering � the wedgie.

A wedgie is like a sandwich, but it�s served between halves of a nine-inch pizza crust instead of a hoagie or a bun.

It hasn�t taken long for the new restaurant within a restaurant to attract hungry diners here.

�Customers have told us ?thank you� for bringing this franchise to Vermillion,� Chapman said.

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