Downtown streetscape will soon be reality in Vermillion

Downtown streetscape will soon be reality in Vermillion Members of the Downtown Streetscape Committee have been working very hard to turn features of the Downtown Vermillion Streetscape Plan into a reality.

The Vermillion community will soon begin to see some changes in the downtown area.

"Our short-term goal is to have some park benches and a few other items in place in the downtown area by Labor Day weekend," said Kevin Jacobson, chair of the Downtown Streetscape Committee. The Downtown Street-

scape Committee has established a streetscape implementation fund through the city of Vermillion and some contributions are starting to come in.

The Vermillion Chamber of Commerce & Development Company was recently awarded a cash prize for its efforts on the downtown business incubator and has decided to contribute to the downtown streetscape efforts. "We are excited to use the prize money that we received from the incubator project to invest in the enhancement of Downtown Vermillion and in our community," said Lisa Ketcham, executive director of the Vermillion Chamber of Commerce & Development Company.

Jacobson is pleased with the contributions to date, but encourages more people to consider donating to "The Downtown Streetscape Project."

"We have a lot of great plans, but until we have more funding in place, it will be difficult to implement the more extensive aspects of the $2.1 million project. We really appreciate the significant contribution that the Vermillion Chamber of Commerce and Development Company is making to downtown improvements. It represents the organization's continued commitment to the central business district.

"We also appreciate the numerous donations that community residents and other organizations have made so far. We look forward to seeing many streetscape improvements by 2009 when the Vermillion community celebrates its 150th anniversary," he said.

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