Emergency planting options are available

Emergency planting options are available June 10 is the latest recommended date to plant corn for grain or silage, but producers facing flood conditions also have other late-seeding options.

South Dakota State University Extension Crops Specialist Bob Hall said the latest recommended date for seeding soybeans for grain isJune 25. The last recommended date for seeding sunflower for grain or silage in South Dakota is July 1, and the latest recommended date to seed sorghum (milo) is July 5.

SDSU Extension Extra 8120, "Emergency Late-Seeding Options, gives more information about row crops and other late-seeding options.

It's available through county Extension offices. Or find it online at http://agbiopubs.sdstate.edu/articles/ExEx8120.pdf.

Hall said SDSU research shows that the latest date farmers can seed edible beans for grain is July 1; the latest date for sowing buckwheat for grain is July 10; and for either proso or foxtail millet, the latest dates are July 5-10.

For forage crops, the latest seeding dates are July 20 for sorghum intended as silage; July 15 for rape intended as forage; July 1 for sudangrass and sudan hybrids intended as pasture or to be chopped green; July 1-15 for sudangrass-sorghum hybrids intended as pasture or to be chopped green; and July 15 for winter rye intended as hay or fall pasture.

Rye seeding can be delayed until September for best feed quality.

Hall said it's important to cross-reference crops with prior herbicide usage to make sure they're compatible with possible herbicide carryover.

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