Governor announces mosquito control grants

Governor announces mosquito control grants South Dakota cities, counties, and tribes will share $476,291 in grants to help purchase mosquito control chemicals and equipment.

Gov. Mike Rounds announced the grant awards May 10 as part of the state's West Nile Virus preparations. A total of 64 applications were submitted representing 157 cities, counties, and participating partners.

Vermillion, with Clay County and Wakonda as partners, will receive $43,855.50 for mosquito control.

"Last year when we started the grant program, many cities and counties were just setting up mosquito control programs and needed help buying equipment. This year, those programs are already in place and most of our applications only requested funding for mosquito control chemicals," said Gov. Rounds. "Many of the applications also had multiple partners, which speaks well for our local officials and their willingness to work together to protect�South Dakotans from West Nile virus."

The governor said the grant program was�a response to the state's 2003�West Nile�virus outbreak, which saw 1,041 human cases and 14 deaths. In 2004,�South�Dakota�reported 51 human cases, including one death.�

"There are many factors that could account for the drop in cases but we're confident that the increased number of local mosquito control programs played an important part," said Secretary of Health Doneen Hollingsworth.

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