Huset’s Speedway

Huset's Speedway June 5, 2005

After Mother Nature wiped out nearly all of the local racing for the weekend, Huset's Speedway was able to overcome the rain and put on the Sunday night show. For Chad Meyer, Casey Abbas, Dan Jensen and Justin Arends, the night ended in victory lane.

Mike Moore took the initial lead of the Interstate Auto Parts Outlaw Sprint Car feature with pole-sitter Johnn Cressman in second. The red flag waved over the speedway one lap into the event when Eric Vanderploeg got loose in turn four. That collected Kenny Hansen and Justin Henderson and sent all three cars for a tumble. All drivers were unharmed, but their machinery went to the infield for the evening.

On the resulting restart, Chad Meyer and Gregg Bakker went wheel to wheel for third with Meyer taking the position with a slide job in turn three. The caution waved on lap two, this time Joe Riedel has spun his #15 in turn two.

Cressman went diving for the lead on the restart, but clipped the left rear wheel of Moore. The result was Cressman spinning as they came off turn two and relinquishing his second position to Meyer. Meyer wasted no time and took the lead from Moore on the restart. Clint Garner moved into the top five on the restart as he passed Dusty Zomer. On lap three, Bakker took second from Moore. Meyer was entering lap traffic on lap six when another caution waved. Steve Ballenger spun the #53 in turn one.

Garner rocketed by Lynton Jeffrey and Moore on the restart to move him up to third. On seventh lap, Jeffrey moved back to fourth as he passed Moore. Moore then fell victim to Jake Peters on lap 8 as Peters took fifth. Meyer was again in lap traffic on lap 10, but he was enjoying a half straightaway lead. On lap 12 the battle for fourth heated up as Peters and Jeffrey battled back and fourth for that spot. It got even hotter on lap 16 when both Peters and Jeffrey caught Garner and made it a three car battle for third.

On lap 18, Jeffrey showed that he was the fastest car on the track as he moved by Bakker and took second.

At t he finish it was Meyer with his third win of the year. Jeffrey was second with Bakker third. Peters took fourth with Billy Alley coming from sixteenth to fifth.

Kevin Flowers took the initial lead of the 360 feature, but it was Casey Abbas on the charge. Abbas came from seventh to the lead of the race on lap 6. Abbas was not challenged from that point on as he took the win. Flowers was second with third going to Dusty Wasmund. Micah Schliemann made a last lap pass to finish fourth ahead of Lyle Howey.

Dan Jensen took the lead of the Late Model Stock Car feature, but it was not an easy win. Howard Baartman moved below Jensen and the two ran door to door for countless laps. However, Baartman lost control of the #82 on the final lap allowing Jensen to score the win. Lee Schlumbohm was second with Rick VanderWiede third. Gary Brown Jr was fourth followed by Matt Steuerwald.

Justin Arends made a last lap pass of Chad Graves to take the win of the Hobby Stock feature. Graves was second with third going to Chad Patch. Doug Folkens and Tony Guisher rounded out the top five. A red flag waved early in the event when Dave Beman and Jeff Deighton got together in turn four. The end result was Deighton flipping collecting several other cars including Lane Brenden. Beman drove away from the incident but received a black flag.

Huset's has more racing action this Sunday at 8PM sharp.

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