Larson warns of scam

Larson warns of scam "It's that time of year," said State Treasurer Vern Larson. "Crab grass, flies and scam artists are targeting South Dakota citizens again."

Larson's office has had several citizen inquiries about a company called the United Claim Center. This company informs people that they have located unclaimed property for them, and then asks that they remit $3 for postage and handling to claim their property.

Asking for just a few dollars to help you claim a big reward is a long time trick by scam artists. "Even if only a small percentage of people send money these crooks will make a million," says Larson.

"You should never have to pay to get your own property returned to you," says Larson. "If you think you have unclaimed property check the state treasurer's Web site at or Citizens who do not have Internet access can call the state treasurer's office at 605-773-3379 for help in researching a claim."

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