New vice president of research named at USD

New vice president of research named at USD Dr. Laura J. Jenski, previously employed at Marshall University in Huntington, WV, has been appointed to the full-time position of vice president for research at The University of South Dakota, beginning July 1.

Jenski brings strong leadership skills, a successful record of fund raising experience and an impressive research background.

In 2002, thanks to efforts spearheaded by Jenski, the state of West Virginia was awarded a National Science Foundation EPSCoR RII grant worth over four million dollars. Jenski went on to serve as the administrator of the grant and it has been used to hire additional faculty, enhance graduate research and improve campus facilities at Marshall University.

From 2000 to 2003, Jenski led the Marshall University Department of Biological Sciences, where she implemented changes within the department to achieve higher research productivity as well as greater efficiency. In addition, Jenski supported continual faculty development in order to ensure adaptation to and incorporation of new knowledge within the field into biology curriculum.

Royce Engstrom, vice president for academic affairs looks forward to Dr. Jenski's addition to the administration at USD.

"We are really excited about Dr. Jenski joining us as our new vice president for research. She has had a terrific career as a researcher and brings extensive experience with the funding agencies that are important to USD's research efforts. She is also experienced at involving students in research, something which we value highly at USD. We're looking forward to entering this new era of research at The U," Engstrom said.

Jenksi's personal research interests concentrate on studies of immune system responses to cancer cells. For 17 years, she has collaborated with professionals in a diverse array of fields to develop cancer fighting drugs.

Jenski is also active in several professional organizations. She is the associate editor of the journal Lipids, and a regional newsletter editor for the International Society for the Study of Fatty Acids and Lipids. She has also served on grant review panels for the Army's breast cancer research program for seven years and a grant review panel for the American Institute for Cancer Research since 2000.

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