Thaden addresses Vermillion Lions

Thaden addresses Vermillion Lions The June 2 meeting was called to order by President Barbara Campbell. Guest Russ Heikes was introduced by Lion Carl Carlson. Lion Jacquie Lonning noted that more Lions volunteers would be welcome for the South Dakota Hugh O'Brian Youth (HOBY) Leadership Seminar taking place in Vermillion on June 10-12. Lion Ron Thaden thanked Lions Carl Carlson, Sid Davis, Darla LaBahn, and Young Moore for helping with the planting for Vermillion Beautiful on May 21.

A request by Lion Richard McBride to buy eyeglasses for an individual was approved by the members. Since the VFW buildings has been sold, the Lions will have to find a new location for their evening meetings by Sept. 2005. This will be a major topic of discussion at the June 8 board of directors meeting and a report will be given to members at the June 16 meeting.

Roger Kozak will be speaking on the Junior Achievement Program at the June 16 meeting. Lion Campbell presided over the induction ceremony for a new Lions member, Dennis Olson, who was sponsored by Lion Scott Schempp. Campbell pointed out that the International Association of Lions Clubs, which was formed in 1917, is the largest service group in the world (1.4 million members) and has taken on the special task to serve the blind and sight impaired in all parts of the world.

The speaker for the evening Linda Thaden, Vermillion, was introduced by Lion Campbell. Linda, who was the recipient of a transplant, made a presentation on eye, organ and tissue donations. Handouts providing donation information were given to members, and Linda reviewed several items concerning donations.

It should be noted, for example, that individuals even up to age 86 can donate certain tissues, one heart valve donor can save the lives of two individuals, and even with a donor card, the family still needs to give permission.

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