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The Bluffs Bulletin Board Senior golfers battle wind A windy, cloudy day greeted 26 senior golfers on Monday, June 13. The skies remained partly cloudy but the threat of rain lessened. The wind remained a menacing factor to good scores as only three birdies were recorded. Our winning team, a four-man group, Ross King, Cleland Cook, Cal Peterson and Bill Turner (a guest) had a score of 37. Other prize winners were, at 38, Mo Marcotte, Ted Van Bruggen and Dick Gregory and at 39 we find three teams; Elmer Mount, Vern Holter and Berwyn Svoboda; Rich Morse, Dick Munkvold and Quentin Oleson; and Bob Boone, Pat Boyle and Ray Lynn. Shot-of-the-day award goes to Jim Reed for his 36-foot birdie putt on #8. Our weather consultant assures us that we will have fair weather for our next meeting on Tuesday, June 21 with tee-off at 9:30 a.m. sharp. Wednesday Ladies enjoy activities

There were 26 ladies at luncheon. Desserts were provided by Rula Hatch and Ann Stewart.

We had one guest, Linda Thaden. Welcome to our group, Linda.

Golf report: There were four ladies golfing. Due to all the rain no carts were allowed so they walked the nine holes. They played Pass The Buck.

Pat Steckelberg was the winner of the bucks. Even though there has been sooooo much rain, the day was perfect for the morning golfers. (But a bit soggy).

Dominoes had two tables. Anita White was an all time low. Char Brunick also was low. Barb Boone was high and Ardyce Meisenholder was all time high.

Thank you ladies. As usual the luncheon was great.

See you next Wednesday.

W.E.L.L. gets the

weather gem

In a rainy season, Wednesday, June 8, was the best day of this week for golf. A light breeze kept the gnats and mosquitoes from landing, the sun was shining, the temperature was pleasant (not too hot, not too cold, just right, Goldilocks), and the water was flowing.

Once again we played the front nine as the water on the back nine limited the ability to use carts when playing those holes. Taking advantage of the outing to, one again, shoot the low gross score was Karrie Plate.

This week she lowered the mark to a 34. Indeed, Karrie's score was also good enough to tie her for the low net score as well � at 32 (34-2). Tied with Karrie for low net were the the team of Ann Stewart (45-13) and Mona Bye (40-8).

Perhaps another first for the record books of W.E.L.L., having teammates both shoot low net for the evening while competing. In the course of play three women also had birdies during their rounds. Kathy Merrigan-Manning birdied hole #1, LeeAnn Safar birdied #6, and Karrie Plate birdied holes #3 and #6.

Our hosts for this evening were the Iron Maidens. For this week they had a theme for our play. Based upon the amount of water we had showered upon us in recent days, they felt that you needed to either have gills or webbed feet to survive. Thus, each of the two pin prize flags had a fish guarding them.

Winning these prizes were Judy Hanson for closest to the pin from the fairway on #6 and Mary Mock for the longest putt on #5. For the third prize, our hosts placed a Canada Goose decoy in the fairway of #9. The person coming closest to the goose won the prize. The person whose name was last on the flag has not, as of this writing, paid her dues for the league. As a result an executive decision was made to award the prize to person coming second closest to the pin (who has paid her dues). Thus the prize went to Nancy Scheidel. The Iron Maidens also did a stellar job in running the Quackson drawing which was won by Robin Miskimins.

Continuing our string of birthdays on Wednesday evenings, there were two this week. From among the players it was Pat Flanigan's birthday. We won't report here how young Pat became on this day. Suffice it to say she shot a score greater than her age. From among the golf course staff it was also Travis Taggart's birthday. He turned 24 and was awarded 24 kisses (on his cheek) from the ladies present. Both persons having birthdays were treated (that's questionable) to a rendition of Happy Birthday from the assembled group.

Men's League Standing

(Week 3)


Recuerdo's 44.5

Sandtrappers 43

Grave Diggers 43

PIK 42

Bluffs Boys 38

Midwest Homes 37.5

Serious Six 35.5

Vote for Pedro 34.5

First Dakota 34

Multiple Putts 33

Fox Pizza/Miller Lite 29

Bank of the West 28

Bogeys 4 Ever 24.5

Total Flooring 16.5


First Bank & Trust 47

Americlean 42

LBA 40.5

West Side Inn 39

Char Bar 38.5

Bogey+ 36

Alkota 34.5

Coldwell Banker 33.5

Eagles 30.5

Hy-Vee 27

Divots 24

Sons of Thunder 21

Wednesday Evening Ladies League (WELL) Standings

June 8, 2005

Points Possible % Points

Team Won Points Won

1. Bertha�s Babes 30 30 100.00%

2. Dew Whoppers 25 30 83.33%

3. RN�s 22.5 30 75.00% 4. Plane J.A.N.E. 22 30 73.33%

5. The Pinnacle�s 20 30 66.67%

6. Rough Riders 18 30 60.00%

7. Iron Maidens 17 30 56.67%

8. Lopez Sisters 15 30 50.00%

9. Lucky Shots 15 30 50.00%

10. Chixs With Sticks 13 30 43.33%

11. Two Putts 10.5 30 35.00% 12. Tee�d Off 10 30 33.33%

13. Wedgies 10 30 33.33%

14. Fore Pars 9 30 30.00%

15. Fabulous Fore 7 30 23.33%

16. Sand Yappers 5.5 30 18.33%

17. Par-Tee Girls 5.5 30 18.33%

18. Mollies Follies 5 30 16.67%

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