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Tuesday, June 14 The Bluffs Men's Senior Open Tournament. 8 a.m. ��Registration and breakfast served. 9 a.m. ��Shotgun start. Wednesday, June 15 8 a.m. � Ladies morning golf, luncheon and cards/dominoes activities. 8:30 a.m. � Tee off. 12 p.m. � Lunch/games. 12:30 p.m. � Cards/dominoes. 5 p.m. � Wednesday Evening Ladies League. 5:45 p.m. � Shotgun start. Thursday, June 16 Men's League. 2:30 p.m. � Check in for pairings and tee assignments. 3 p.m. � First session shotgun start. 6 p.m. ��Second session shotgun start. Friday, June 17 8, 9 and 10 a.m. � Junior golf. Couples Night. 5 p.m. � Register. 6 p.m. Shotgun start. Sun shines on senior golf league After an early morning shower, the 34 seniors hit the course June 7 for the back nine. The clouds moved out, the sun came through, and the wind did not reach predicted levels so the scores were good and the teams had 10 birdies. Our winners this date were a four man team of Elmer Mount, Lloyd Helseth, Quentin Oleson and Ron Steckelberg who had the low score of 34 featuring birdies on #12, 13 and 14. A fine score and our congratulations to these men. Other prize winners were, at 36, the teams of Mo Marcotte, Don Baer, Howard Connors and Jim Reed along with Rich Morse, Vern Holter and Jack Doyle. Then at 37 we had two teams Sid Davis, Ray Lynn and Jack Stewart followed by Shorty Hauson, Jim Grabowski, Bob Lund and Gene Iverson. Our shot-of-the-day goes to Jack Doyle for his 54-foot birdie putt on #11. Senior golf will be played on June 13 next week using the summer schedule with tee-off at 9:30 a.m. sharp. Our weather fanatic, Ken Beringer, says better days are coming. See you all next Monday. Wednesday Ladies enjoy food, fun

Twenty-four ladies were served at luncheon on June 1. Desserts were provided by Anita W., Judy G., and Char B.

There were no new topics for discussion or vote.

Golf report: Five ladies golfed. No carts were allowed so they all walked the nine holes. They played the game of Least Putts. Winners were Pat Berglund and Rula Hatch.

Dominoes report: There were two tables. Winners were � table 1, Gayle Bliss low and Rula Hatch high score; table 2, Mary Bartles low and Vanetta Youngworth had high score.

There were no bridge players.

Even though it rained the day before golf and the course was very wet it was all fun and the morning was rather nice for golf.

Thanks again to Cherry Street Grille for catering luncheon. It was delicious.

Plate keeps

streak alive

June 1 was a beautiful evening for Wednesday Evening Ladies League golf. There was only a light breeze, good enough to keep the gnats and mosquitoes down, and no threat of rain. We played the front nine again as last week we were rained off of the back nine. Enjoying the weather and the company, several players had good scores. Once again Karrie Plate had the low gross score with a 35. There should be some sort of prize for the longest streak of consecutive low gross scores on league nights (although that wording certainly wouldn�t fit on even a certificate).

The low net score was a close one. Coming out with the lowest score was LeeAnn Safar, with a 32 (43-11). Close on her heels with 33s were Karrie Plate (35-2), Ann Stewart (46-13) and Ann Jensen (46-13). The score of 46 was actually Ann Jensen�s lowest score ever ��congratulations!

Additionally, Ann was playing as a substitute this night, meaning she only got to use 80 percent of her actual handicap of 16. Thus, if she had been using her complete handicap she would have had the low net of 30 (46-16). (Now you know why we employ a statistician for the league).

Several pin prizes were awarded by our hosts. They went to Barb Ballensky for closest to the pin on #8, Mary Gauer for the longest drive (in the fairway) on #3 and to Judy Hanson for the longest putt on #6. Barb Ballensky made good use of her shot on #8 and carded a birdie with it. Ann Stewart also had a birdie on #5.

The pin placement on that hole was treacherous, on the back, west side on a hill. Putting was tough. So, Ann decided not to putt and chipped into the hole from behind the green to get the birdie. Karrie Plate had birdies on #2 and #3. Karrie�s birdie on #2 is also worth comment. She hit her second shot into the rough on the right side, out about 50 yards from the hole. She hit a beautiful shot into the air, over the crest of the ridge behind which the hole was hiding, placing the ball within 20 inches of the cup. Birdie 4.

There are a couple of other shots worth reporting here. As stated above, the pin on #2 was just behind the ridge on the west side of the center of the green. Darlis LaBahn hit a magnificent putt over the ridge and down into the cup. Meanwhile, Mary Vlasman was supposed to be golfing for her team, but was actually playing snooker on a very long green surface. Mary somehow managed to hit Shelly Brunick�s ball in the fairway twice, moving it a short distance each time. That takes some aim.

Inside the clubhouse the Quackson monies went to Darlis LaBahn. And, it was another opportunity for us to exercise our voices in song as this week it was Jennifer Steele�s birthday. She was treated to a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday by the group.

Wednesday Evening Ladies League (WELL) Standings

June 1, 2005

Points Possible % Points

Team Won Points Won

1. Bertha�s Babes 20 20 100.00%

2. Plane J.A.N.E. 17 20 85.00%

3. Lopez Sisters 15 20 75.00%

4. Dew Whoppers 15 20 75.00%

5. Iron Maidens 14 20 70.00%

6. Fore Pars 14 20 70.00%

7. RN�s 12.5 20 62.50%

8. Two Putts 10.5 20 52.50%

9. Rough Riders 10 20 50.00%

10. The Pinnacle�s 10 20 50.00%

11. Tee�d Off 8 20 40.00%

12. Chixs With Sticks 8 20 40.00%

13. Sand Yappers 5.5 20 27.50%

14. Mollies Follies 5 20 25.00%

15. Lucky Shots 5 20 25.00%

16. Fabulous Fore 5 20 25.00%

17. Par-Tee Girls 5 20 25.00%

18. Wedgies 0.5 20 2.50%

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