Vermillion Legion keeps on winning

Vermillion Legion keeps on winning By Jim Prosser On Monday, June 6, the Vermillion Legion Post #1 team traveled to Sioux City, IA, to face the West Wolverines in a doubleheader. The results were another two game sweep for the visiting Vermillion contingent 12-3 and 12-8.

In game one, a bizarre opening inning had Vermillion scoring two unearned runs following a Wolverine error. Then, starting pitcher Ben Oberle suffered a wild streak walking five straight batters with two runs scoring before reliever Jason Donald dished up a double play to end the inning.

Eric Chase took over the pitching chore and gave up one run on three hits, recording eight Ks to earn the win for Post #1. His teammates were charged with three errors in the seven inning game.

Scoring for Post #1: Oberle � three runs on 2 for 4 batting; Kyle Mollet � 1 for 4, two runs, one RBI; Reid Meierkort � 3 for 4, two runs, two RBIs; B.J. Campbell � 3 for 3, one run, three RBIs; Eric Chase � 2 for 4, one run, two RBIs; Donald � 2 for 4, one run; Zach Wiess � 3 for 4, two runs.

Game two was a five inning contest. Ryan Gilbertson�s seven hit, eight run, steady game claimed the victory for Vermillion. The team again committed three errors..

Vermillion offense stats: Oberle � 1 for 4, one run, one RBI; Mollet � 2 for 4, two runs, one RBI; Meierkort � 2 for 4, two runs, two RBIs; Campbell � 3 for 4, three runs, two RBIs; Eric Chase � 2 for 4, two RBIs; Jordan Anderson � 1 for 1 hitting, three walks, one run; Jeff Donnelly � 2 for 3, one run; Chris Chase � 1 for 4, one run, one RBI; Zach Weiss � 1 run.

The early season record for the Vermillion Legion team is 4-0.

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