W.H. Over Museum receives Reese grant

W.H. Over Museum receives Reese grant The Friends of the W.H. Over Museum have received a $6,533 grant from the Sheldon F. Reese Foundation.

The grant will fund the first phase of a program which will create digital access to humanities and cultural collections at the museum.

Lorie Richardson, a Vermillion native, wrote the grant for the Friends of the W.H. Over Museum as part of her master's degree program at Colorado Technical University � Sioux Falls Campus. She is the daughter of Robert Richardson of Vermillion and Bonnie Horst of Sioux Falls.

The project will provide the computer and photographic equipment and software capabilities which are necessary for producing and displaying digital images of items in the museum's collections. Members of the Friends of the W.H. Over Museum and other volunteers will establish procedures, formats, and protocols to guide digital photography operations, graphic production of digital exhibit pieces, and storage of digital images and virtual exhibits.

The Fallon Art Collection will provide various types of art work for use in this developmental phase of the project, thus becoming the first of the museum's collections to be prepared for viewing over the Internet. The project evaluation will be designed and conducted by graduate students at the Sioux Falls Campus of Colorado Technical University.

The Friends of the W.H. Over Museum is a non-profit, volunteer organization which was established in 1965 to provide financial and volunteer support for museum exhibits and activities. Today, the Friends organization is totally responsible for operating, maintaining, and financing the museum, its collections, and its activities and programs.

The Sheldon F. Reese Foundation grant, therefore, represents a significant contribution to the museum's efforts to continue Dr. William Henry Over's legacy of preserving South Dakota's natural and cultural heritage and passing it on to present and future generations.

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