Wakonda board vote is June 21

Wakonda board vote is June 21 The annual Wakonda School Board election will be held June 21 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. in the small gym of the school. Voters may vote for one candidate running for a three-year term: Michael Bohlmann or Robin Stockland.

All registered voters who live in the Wakonda School District may vote with the proper identification. The voter registration deadline was June 6.

To vote, you must present a photo ID such as a S.D. drivers license, nondriver ID, U.S. government photo ID, or a photo ID from a S.D. high school or S.D. accredited institution of higher learning. If you do not have an ID, you will have to sign an affidavit.

If you wish to vote by absentee ballot, you may contact Carol Mayer, business manager, or the school office, 267-2644, for an application for absentee ballot. Please remember to vote June 21!

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