4-H’ers agree to provide refreshments

4-H'ers agree to provide refreshments The Jolly Juniors and Juniorettes 4-H club met on Tuesday, June 14 at the Extension Building kitchen. They started the evening out with Marion Kryger showing the kids how to assemble the organizer they sanded, painted or stained at the April meeting. There was lots of loud hammering. Everyone completed their organizer and a picture was taken. A thank you card and gift was given to Mr. Kryger. The 4-H meeting was called to order by Ellen Hanson, club reporter/vice president, because Theresa Dendinger, president was on a mission trip. Marley Hanson led the Pledge of Allegiance and Clayton Larsen led the 4-H pledge. Everyone introduced themselves and roll call topic was what movie they were looking forward to seeing this summer. Pam Hanson, co-leader, gave a short secretary report. Pam Hanson read the treasurer�s report because Sarah Anderson, treasurer, was also absent due to the mission trip. Fruit sale rebates were handed out to club members. Pam Hanson presented a new bill to pay for State Fair Books for club members. Ellen Hanson made a motion to pay the bill; Ashley Sorensen seconded it. The motion was carried. Old Business: A thank you was given to those who donated baked goods and helped work for/at the baton/pom competition bake sale the club held. A thank you was given to all who donated baked goods to the High School Drama club for refreshments sold during the play Romeo and Juliet. This was a fundraising event for the drama club. A thank you was given to everyone who helped plant flowers for Vermillion Beautiful and helped plant the club flower pot at the 4-H building. Well wishes were given to Ashley Sorensen, Ellen Hanson and Marley Hanson as they prepared to leave for 4-H camp, which was June 15 thru June 17. A reminder was given to all members to check all entry deadlines. Anyone presenting an entry late will not be accepted. Everyone was reminded to read the sheets either sent out by mail or e-mailed from the Extension Office for all dates of upcoming events, like Judging Schools. Upcoming Community Service Projects: Pam Hanson talked about the North Central Regional Volunteer Forum asking all clubs to donate phone cards for the military men and women in combat zones. The club had some discussion on the matter. Ellen Hanson made a motion for the club to donate two $10 phone cards. Marley Hanson seconded the motion. Sarah Anderson, treasurer, will purchase these cards once she is back from her mission trip. The Vermillion Community Theater asked Pam Hanson if our club would be interested in providing and serving refreshments during the Childrens Theater Workshop, June 20-24. The club thought this would be okay. Pam Hanson organized the refreshments and servers daily. The Tri-State Dog Show was July 1 through July 3. Our club worked the 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. shift on Saturday, July 2. Anyone who was going to be in town on July 2 was encouraged to help. The Vermillion Community Theater asked our club if we would be interested in selling refreshments for the play Guys and Dolls, held July 8 through July 11. Cyndi Dendinger and Pam Hanson agreed our club would do this. Our club will bake the cookies and then sell and serve refreshments. This will be a fun fundraising event for our club. Ellen Hanson asked for a motion to adjourn the meeting. Ashley Sorensen made the motion and Emily Holoch seconded it. The meeting was adjourned. Marley Hanson gave her first demonstration �How To Make a Tie-rrific Fathers Day Card.� Ellen Hanson presented a judging school on foods and nutrition-breakfast snacks. Refreshments were provided by Marley Hanson. Reporter Ellen Hanson

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