7-day creation

7-day creation A crew of volunteers began raising the trusses (above) of the new Kingdom Hall of Jehovah�s Witnesses on Wednesday, July 20. By the weekend, the new structure was complete. By David Lias Randy Shultz of Huron had his hands full last Wednesday.

So did the scores of volunteers who were busy at the intersection of West Cherry and Kennedy streets.

Last Wednesday one could see workers making progress, bit by bit as the day wore on, in their construction of a new Kingdom Hall of Jehovah�s Witnesses.

By last weekend, their work was complete.

�The congregation last year had sold their previous building and have been traveling to Yankton and meeting with the group over there temporarily,� Shultz said. �This has been in a planning stage, and now we�re to the point where we put it all together.�

The work was �officially� supposed to begin July 21. So many eager volunteers were in place by last Wednesday, however, that they couldn�t be held back.

By last Thursday, Shultz was expecting a volunteer force numbering approximately 300 from Jehovah�s Witnesses congregations in South Dakota and Nebraska.

The workers constructed a 40-foot by 72-foot building. The 3,000-square-foot structure features a main auditorium, an overflow room, classrooms, an office, rest room facilities and a mechanical room.

Siding, brick and stucco are on the outside walls. Workers built an exterior entry-way.

�We�ve been challenged here because of all the rain you�ve been getting,� Schulz said with a laugh. �It seems like any storm system that came across this country landed right here.�

Most of the volunteer crew were spending their vacation in Vermillion, taking time from their regular jobs to fulfill this higher calling.

�It takes a really unique, cooperative spirit to do this,� he said. �There�s a real joy that comes from working shoulder-to-shoulder with people that you either have known from previous projects, or that you�ve become acquainted with at other places.�

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