ASPIRE High summer students studying biology, social sciences

ASPIRE High summer students studying biology, social sciences Students at ASPIRE High Alternative School in Beresford are studying biology and social sciences this summer.

The small alternative school that has been around since March of 1990 has been conducting summer classes for area schools since its inception.

Teacher and coordinator Quint Pease has been teaching biology since summer of 1998. Most students this summer are taking biology, which takes a hands-on approach.

ASPIRE High uses many approaches to teaching the subject of biology, like practical labs and demonstrations, also using digital curriculum, which streams video lessons over the Internet.

Field trips are a vital part of the lessons since students learn better by seeing the creatures they study, and get to get out of the normal classroom environment.

ASPIRE High teaches classes to students who have had trouble with attendance and those who have failed one or more classes. Summer school classes are important to assist students in catching up on credits.

The main difference between an alternative high school and a traditional high school is the individualized instruction. The textbooks are the same, but a student works on one semester class at a time encouraging mastery of the subject as well as more immediate feedback of grades.

The alternative school encourages students to be employed during their enrollment to promote organizational skills and gain work experience before and after graduation.

ASPIRE High has served students from Alcester-Hudson, Beresford, Canton, Centerville, Elk Point-Jefferson, Gayville-Volin, Irene, Viborg and Wakonda school districts.

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