Charting the future

Charting the future by David Lias The brainchild of the Tourist and Destination Subcommittee of Growing Vermillion is getting closer to becoming reality.

The end result will eventually be the production of artistic maps of Vermillion that highlight key destinations in the city and surrounding area.

�We decided that a number of goals in town is to make Vermillion a destination, instead of having people stay in Sioux City or Yankton,� said Paula Keller, committee member. �We thought a map would be a good way to show people what we have.�

Keller said committee members decided to produce a map that would be artistically appealing to visitors.

�We believe that if people look at this map and see the effort we put forth to put this together, they�ll think this is a community worth seeing,� she said.

And, it doesn�t hurt that there are several worthwhile attractions in the community and nearby, from the National Music Museum to Spirit Mound � all of which will naturally be highlighted on the map.

The committee decided to collaborate with USD, and is receiving valuable help from Cassie Rapp, who recently graduated with a degree in graphic design, and Amber Hansen, a student artist from the university.

The map will be two-sided. �The front side of the map will be of all Vermillion; the back side will have an enlarged area of the historic downtown, the university, and an extended area that will not go as far as Sioux City or Yankton,� Keller said.

Committee members are in the process of contacting local businesses and attractions that cater largely to the visitor industry, to ask if they would like to be included on the map.

The cost of producing them will be underwritten by a few major donations from such entities as USD and the city of Vermillion, and smaller donations from businesses that will appear on the map.

�There will be at least 30,000 maps printed, and they�ll be given out by merchants in town, or by the Vermillion Development Company,� Keller said.

She said about 80 local businesses have been identified as being suitable for the map.

�This is a great collaboration between the university and the town,� Keller said.

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