Custom harvesters urged to take precautions

Custom harvesters urged to take precautions With harvest season approaching, custom harvesters and farmers need to keep a few things in mind.

Harvest equipment coming into South Dakota and equipment moving within South Dakota needs to be clean and free of any weed seeds or other foreign material.

In an effort to minimize the spread of noxious weeds and plant diseases, producers have the final say when it comes to hiring someone to help harvest their crops. Ask questions and inspect equipment to make sure it meets your approval before you turn them loose in your field.

The SD Department of Agriculture and SDSU Cooperative Extension maintain a Web site to provide contact information during the harvest season. Producers searching for harvesters or custom harvesters looking for harvesting opportunities can access the information at They can also call 1-800-228-5254 or contact the local extension educators� office.

Custom harvesters and farmers can obtain harvester permits and other harvest requirements by contacting the ports of entry or the Department of Public Safety Motor Carrier Services in Pierre at 605-773-4578 or the web site

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