Eagles place 2nd at league tourney

Eagles place 2nd at league tourney The Eagles softball team drew a bye in the first round of the league tournament. Then they played the Yankton Angels and won 13-11. Andrea Bakke was the winning pitcher. Everyone contributed to the win with their hits and defense.

The Eagles played the Mighty Furys from Yankton. The Furys won 13-1. The Eagles couldn�t get going. The Eagles then moved to the loser bracket so they had to work their way back up.

They faced the Yankton Angels once again. The Eagles used their bats well. Kayla Poncelet and Shawna Knutson each had a home run and triples. Amanda Burfeindt and Tiffany Ganschow had triples and doubles. Emily Ganschow, Andrea Bakke, Ashley Anderson and Nicole Nielsen each had doubles and singles. Andrea Bakke picked up the win 21-15.

The Eagles advanced to the championship game. They were up against the Furys once again. The Eagles weren�t very successful, losing 11-1. The Eagles couldn�t do anything right to get going. Each member received a trophy.

The coaches thanked the girls for a successful and fun season. Thank you also to the parents for the support. Hope to see you all next year. Great job, gals.

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