Interstate 29 Speedway

Interstate 29 Speedway Interstate Speedway Race Results for 6-26-05 IMCA A Modifieds

1-Jimmy Cole 2-Jay Goosman 3-Jim Mathieson 4-Mark Neal 5-Chad Waples 6-Ricky Stephan 7-Ron Beckstrom 8-Bill Witt 9-Golden Racing 10-Jay Noteboom 11-Mitch Dowhauer 12-Steve Kiraly 13-Jesse Cowles 14-Chris Mills 16-Mike Jensen. B Modifieds 1-Dave Hanson 2-Les Lundquist 3-Mike Kramer 4-Geoff Olson 5-Greg Taylor 6-Aaron Plum 7-Aaron Post 8-Nick Lakes 9-Matt Wahl 10-Scott Plantz. IMCA Hobbystocks 1-Matt Guillaume 2-Chris Abelson 3-Chad Murray 4-Dave Riley 5-Zack Kapplar 6-Aaron Cain 7-Jason Ward 8-Heath Jeltema 9-Joseph Smith 10-Josh Rushmann. Roadrunners 1-Jay Divis 2-Jake Walding 3-Robert Roche 4-Mike Hanson 5-Vern Ruschmann 6-Zack Bales 7-Dave Munro 8-Keith Brown 9-Doug Crooks Jr. 10-Andy Hoffman. 2 Person Cruisers 1-Wenzlaff/Hausman 2-Bill Vogt/Mike Vogt 3-Tony Boulware/Girard 4-Chris Vogt/Pat Vogt 5-Bianchini/Goodier 6-Sweeney/Nordquist 7-Case/Smith 8-Abelson/Montagne 9-Jeremy Boulware/Howley. 4 Cylinders 1-Terry Berg Jr. 2-Luke Zweifel 3-Matt Baker 4-Bob Filloon 5-Aaron Scheer 6-Dellas Williams 7-Travis Raml 8-Jeremy VanWyhe 9-Mike Burke.

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