Letters Disappointing turnout

To the editor:

I attended the Trick Pony concert in Vermillion on July 9, and it was absolutely wonderful. The Clay Creek Band that performed before the concert started did a great job also.

I, however, was disappointed in the size of the crowd that attended the concert. In a town Vermillion�s size, you would have thought more people would have attended, and shame on the people who felt they should attend the concert from the park on the west side of the fairgrounds.

I understand there were at least 30 people over there. The tickets were only $25 and that is cheap for most concerts that you attend.

I heard people say it wasn�t well advertised; wrong � I saw posters in all the business places I went into and also heard advertising on two radio stations while I was traveling to Vermillion, so that was a poor excuse.

I hope to see more entertainment in Vermillion like this; that is what brings economy to your town.


Jeanne McComsey


Taj Mahal not needed

To the editor:

If we need a new city hall (a big if in itself), then a city hall, not a Taj Mahal. Bank of the West is the ultimate ostentation.

We have built a golf course, a fire station, and an addition to the high school. Enough!

If you conduct a poll, the results are somewhat dependent upon 1) the wording of the questions and 2) the people who respond to the questions. If we would take a hard look at the problems of the current city hall, we might find feasible solutions without a $2 million-plus bond levy.

And, aesthetically, the current building is a common sense, simple, plain, business-like building that does not look like we are trying to impress someone with the enormous amount of dollars we are able to wrangle out of the taxpayers.

Marie Gray


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