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To the editor:

State Senator Frank Kloucek of Scotland made it rather obvious that he does not care for Canadian beef. I counted at least eight references to the Canadians and their meat in his long letter. He does not want us to consume it, objects to it being promoted by U.S. cattlemen�s groups or even have it imported by fellow U.S. farmers.

Above all, it is interesting to note that he himself got out of the livestock business some years ago, probably in order to concentrate in growing corn for the subsidized ethanol industry.

As to whether it is wise to engage in Canada bashing, one might want to be reminded that our neighbor to the north is South Dakota�s most important export market. Last year, more than $306 million worth of South Dakota products, both manufactured and agricultural, went there.

And let us face it, Canadians don�t have to purchase scoreboards from Daktronics in Brookings, for example. Japanese and Swiss firms would be happy to replace it in that market.

Canadian firms also support about 15,000 jobs in South Dakota, such as at Interbake in North Sioux City, which only recently announced 250 additional openings.

Most of South Dakota�s gold mines used to be Canadian owned.

Finally, let us also remember the importance of tourism to our economy. Last year about 115,400 Canadian tourists were recorded to have spent about $20 million in the Mount Rushmore State.

Why risk all of that for a meaningless Country of Origin Labeling law? If consumers want to make sure that they are getting U.S. meat they can ask for it. Indeed, soon we will be able to buy South Dakota produced meat, due to an initiative by Gov. Mike Rounds.

We certainly don�t seem to need an anti-Canadian law. Let us be positive!

Benno Wymar

Professor Emeritus

of Economics


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