Letters Incredible response

To the editor:

Please let me extend many thanks to all the city workers who responded so fast and so well after the recent storm.

I saw the city light and power people up in their "cherry pickers" while it was still raining. They were battling darkness and wind, steamy heat and huge tree branches.

Just as incredible were the people standing in knee-deep water fighting the clogged sewer drains and the people on bull dozers clearing giant trees off the streets. All of you were amazing.

Thanks also for all the work removing the mess in sweltering conditions. I am filled with gratitude.

Barb Iacino


Make COOL mandatory

To the editor:

Tonight my son and I just polished off two delicious T-bone steaks for suppers that were purchased locally. Due to the fact the women of the household were gone I was the cook and used some soybean, corn and olive oil in the mix with just a touch of seasoning. Wow, were they good!

Our entire family had American produced steak for Christmas and Easter. A great treat for the holidays. The recent test of a downer cow in November reminds me of the fact that we need to put more emphasis on the safety of our beef production and less on scare tactics by the political arm of our government.

I have visited with state and national veterinarians at various meetings hosted by MCSL, ag groups and even our Midwest State legislative group at JoDeans in Yankton in the spring of 2004. I am convinced that we have the best methods in place that will continue to keep our beef safe. Now is the time to push for keeping the border closed even more strongly until Canada can or will meet our tough standards.

We need more emphasis on developing smaller feedlots, small local processing plants, state inspected meats, no blending at plants or processing centers with Canadian beef, and Mandatory Country of origin labeling.

Why does the packing industry hold such control over our Congress? Why the scare tactics that we will lose out because Canada is allowing meat packers to build up there? Let them build! That will save our beef plants a lot of headaches when Canadian BSE cattle show up. It will also allow Canadians to eat their own beef.

Now more than ever the time has come for all of us to push our Congress and President for Mandatory County of Origin labeling as a matter of National Food Security.

Some so called farm experts want the right to grow bigger (Ag United). They want to take away our right to vote on zoning issues and they run huge advertising campaigns wasting commodity group money to promote the right to get bigger. I strongly disagree. Why does our illegal national beef checkoff and cattleman's group continue to promote Canadian beef? Instead it is time to run ads and join together for a fair profit for ag producers.

It is time to put American producers and consumers first. Groups such as NCBA, Ag United, PETA, and others do a great disservice to South Dakotans and Americans because unfortunately they do not tell all the facts.

It is time to run ads interviewing Canadians why they will not eat their own beef and ask our consumers why they will continue to eat American beef as long as it is kept safe and not imported. It is time to run ads on what will benefit rural communities most: a strong profitable family farm and small business base to keep rural America strong.

We really should keep the border closed until Canada meets our standards at all levels. Yes, I know some feedlots want cheap Canadian feeder cattle. Packers want cheap meat and volumes for markup. We have enough beef right here in the USA to supply our needs. Just let us produce your products at a fair price and the American farmer will.

This Fourth of July I will again ask my wife Joanie to make some USA steak and hamburger for the entire family. She is definitely a better cook than I am. But for tonight I am very pleased with the born, bred, raised and slaughtered in the USA steak that was enjoyed for supper.

Despite the scare tactics, mandatory unethical beef checkoff and packer manipulation, American beef is what's for supper at the Kloucek household. It is the best and safest beef in the world!

Sen. Frank Kloucek


We had a great time on tour

To the editor:

Recently, we came to Vermillion as a part of South Dakota Public Broadcasting and the State Library's Read Across South Dakota with Arthur tour.

We had a great time with the kids and adults who attended and were overwhelmed by the great response from your community. We wanted to especially thank Kristen Monroe at the Vermillion Public Library for inviting us to help kick off their summer reading program.

The people of Vermillion are so lucky to have such a great community resource staffed by amazingly dedicated people.

Jasmine Rousey

Children's & Youth Services Coordinator

South Dakota State Library

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